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Alex, this incident is so just like the one that I suffered, as the united kingdom meekly bows and provides away it’s freedoms and liberties for the Brown/Blair regime.

It had been clearly wrongful arrest and they've got used the anti terror laws being an justification to prevent you likely about your lawful organization.

and Yet another attention-grabbing item re. a painter (of all individuals) becoming questioned by law enforcement whilst making a charming watercolour of the factory around London City Airport. Decidedly minimal-tech way (and gradual) of accumulating terrorist facts I would've believed:

I far too might have been incredibly astonished by an Officer supplying me these types of a proof concerning why she felt offended? The truth is she must have been up front and explained for you they wish to concern you as to why you might be getting images. From there on you should have been educated as to why it's These are asking; They should have then stated the reality and mentioned thanks to terrorism ans safety issues.

Create to MPs requesting support of photographers’ legal rights and suitable training for law enforcement officers.

The inspector that’s bought the job of coping with it's told me that they (Kent Police) would like to get it proper. The inspector phoned me on Monday. I used to be told the grievance investigation report has now been submitted and reviewed by other far more senior officers. The inspector described two ways in which This may go now. Just one solution was that he could create a advice that payment is paid out to me, that I've sight of the sanitised Edition in the report and that I get a verbal account on the investigation, it’s findings and any tips made / action taken. The inspector indicated that by accepting this option would in influence draw a line underneath the complaint i.e. resolution. The other solution is to carry on to pursue the results I established out in my letter of grievance.

I hope you have recompense. Additionally, I could be really considering understanding why Medway Council staff members ended up patrolling the highstreet…

After sitting during the police van for around twenty minutes the outer back doors were opened and I was spoken to with the locked interior cage by officers xxxxx and xxxxx, equally of whom were being in basic dresses and neither of which developed their warrant playing cards. They spoke about the specter of terrorism. They had been eager to hunt my arrangement with regards towards the sights they expressed, both of those about the threat of terrorism and also the suspicious mother nature of those with cameras and especially people that chose not to supply identifying particulars about by themselves when requested to take action. I used to be asked if I would now give facts with regards to my id. I requested, taking into consideration I was now less than arrest, handcuffed and detained, if I was obliged to take action. They stated that I was and claimed that if I did not I can be taken to your law enforcement station. I indicated I couldn't physically deliver any evidence of my identity although handcuffed and locked while in the van. They let me out. I asked to become unhandcuffed. The ask for was refused. I knowledgeable officer xxxxx information of my identity ended up in my wallet which was in my inside jacket pocket.

Only a radical muslim wins when the liberty of people who reside in a democratic government is misplaced within the combat versus individuals that’s beliefs never permit for these kinds of freedom and democracy to begin with…

I'm a author and photographer who's got finished a lot of street pictures up to now. Fortunately I have not been subject to law enforcement harrassment when taking images, but I realize that this sort of police behaviour has grown to be oppressively widespread in the last number of many years.

Oh, and for the record as well as getting a photographer I’ve worked during the Fulfilled, in Kent and continue to function in a location of legislation enforcement, so I’m investigating this from either side.

Presently officer xxxxx returned and introduced the handcuffs. Officer xxxxx said he was satisfied with the final results of checks which his colleague(s) experienced created. He put his hand out for me to shake, apologised for the inconvenience, mentioned that he hoped I understood supplied the ‘strange’ times we're in and still left in an unmarked car or truck with officer xxxxx.

An appropriate democracy does must be defended, it could possibly only be done by Keeping the officers of the crown to correct account, and that needs records of their steps.

I think your arrest was read more fully illegal and it seems was a circumstance of the law enforcement officer abusing their electricity to get you to bend to their will. Usually do not allow them to get absent with it – it is important that you simply generate a criticism to your IPCC.

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